Warm Water Diet, Losing Weight the Easy Way

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Want to lose weight without torturing yourself? Want to get more proportionate body but do not want complicated? You should try this diet. In addition to practical, this diet is very economical. Simply by drinking warm water regularly every day.

According to some research, drinking warm water, not only can make the body warmer but also can help you lose weight. Curious? Let’s follow the full details below.

1Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day – Inadequate needs of body fluids by drinking 8 glasses of water per day. According to the journal “Obesity”, people who drink enough water had a great chance to lose weight than those who do not meet the water needs to be enough.

2Heat the water – Basically, all the drinks that go into the body to be cooled or heated beforehand in the body to match our body’s natural temperature. So, with the warm water, the body will work harder and burn calories to cool down the temperature back in the water we drink. In other words, the warm water several times a day can make the body burn more calories, so that we can lose weight more effectively.

3Drink Warm Water Before Eating – Ladies, try to drink warm water before eating. According to Nebraska University, drinking water or eating food that soupy can make us feel full faster, so that we consume is not too much. Well, try to drink warm water before eating, so you’ll feel full faster and do not overeat.

4Vary your Warm Water – Tired of that every day should drink warm water? Try to vary by adding spices or fruit. For example, by adding lemon juice. The important thing is best to avoid sweetening or that contain a lot of calories.

Do not forget to keep pace with regular exercise. To lose weight and get the body you want to venture and also time. So, stay consistent!