Must Read: Lose Weight 18 Kg With Banana Diet and Warm Water

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A delicious fruit with a distinctive flavor of this turned out to contain a lot of benefit Ladies. One is to lose excess weight. A Japanese man named Hitoshi Watanabe has proven that a diet of bananas and warm water could help him lose weight 18 kg in just a few months.

31-year-old man tried the diet recommended by his wife. After successfully undergoing a diet of bananas and warm water, he posts his experiences on the internet and eventually became viral in Japan. Banana demand is increasing due to the success of this man lose weight up to 18 kg.


According to the local media, this diet became very popular in Japan because you do not have to painstakingly replace your eating patterns as a whole. All you have to do is eat bananas and warm water at breakfast only. Over here, we will present a meal plan for this super effective diet:

  • For breakfast consume two medium size banana and warm water. Banana should be fresh and not overcooked. For the water should be room temperature.
  • For lunch you can eat menu as usual. But it would be nice if it compensates with fibrous and nutritious foods. One thing to keep in mind when lunch is not eaten up completely stuffed. Immediately stop when you think you have enough.
  • For dinner you can still eat your favorite foods, but keep in mind is eating time Ladies. The best time to eat dinner is at 6 pm. Do not eat over at 8 pm. If you feel hungry at midnight you can block the stomach with fruit or yogurt.

That was three important rules that you must follow to the optimum results from this simple diet Ladies. Do not forget also to augment drinking water to accelerate metabolism. Good luck and hopefully this is useful.