Mediterranean Diet – Lose Weight and Feel Younger

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Mediterranean diet is a diet that can not only make your body slim, but also believed to make you look younger and have benefits for health.

The Mediterranean diet is inspired by the lifestyle of the Mediterranean where the food that will be consumed will continue to be presented with the taste delicious, are still using spices and seasonings, plus olive oil. I just cooking process carried out by fire, steamed and baked. Lean meat, chicken and fish both can still be consumed. Moreover, vegetables and fruits are food must be consumed every day.

Nuts, wheat, olive oil, sauce, and red wine are also included typical food Mediterranean diet. To obtain maximum results, diet this way also still need exercise. Not only that, even many scientists who did the research, that lifestyle and eating the Mediterranean way is the way of life of the healthiest in the world.

The Mediterranean diet is claimed to be one of the best diet for heart health, even lowering the risk of heart disease. Because, with this diet will decrease high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels also decreased. Not only that, the Mediterranean diet can also prevent you from cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression and other chronic diseases.

Additionally, you need to know if you want to lose weight, you have to go on a diet for more than six months remain balanced with regular physical exercise and reduce food portions. The Mediterranean diet, is far more healthful than low-fat diet and the results are long-lasting.

However, during this diet you need to pay attention to what foods can be consumed, such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, chicken and eggs in small portions. In addition, you are also encouraged to eat seafood, including fish, at least twice a week.

Meanwhile, red meat should only be consumed occasionally. In addition, you also still allowed to eat snacks, such as olives, nuts, sunflower seeds and avocado as a food substitute buttered.

The food in the Mediterranean diet is limited to the type of fresh foods only and must be balanced with physical activity every day. Hope it useful!