Rapid Weight Loss : Drink 2 Glasses Before Eating

Often people do not suspect that one of the best diet tips actually comes from the simplest things you usually consume, namely water. One of the most powerful weight loss diet is to drink water.

A study conducted by the research team in the UK asking adults are overweight start reducing calories eaten and used to drink two glasses of water 30 minutes before eating to see if the effect of a given water body to weight loss.

And it turned out it proved. After 12 weeks, the group that apply to drink two glasses of water before a meal can lose weight 1.5 kg more than those who only diet to eat less calorie diet alone. Drink two glasses of water 30 minutes before eating is effectively lose weight because it can make a full stomach first before they could be filled foods.

That’s why when it came time to eat, so people eat less because his stomach is full before they can eat all the food. And so, people eat less and incoming calories fewer. Additionally water helps burn calories and make the body avoid dehydration, so the brain active face without requiring a lot of calories.

However, because you drink more water, you may also be more likely to the bathroom. Drinking water not only helps you lose weight but also cleanse the kidneys and bladder, so that blood flows more smoothly, cleaner and healthier your body.

So what are you waiting for, if you do not have time for sports but want to lose weight, get into the habit of drinking two glasses of water before meals from now on.